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As a Node.js developer looking to always grow, I’m constantly encountering new technologies, new tooling, and new tricks to learn. In modern development, I don’t think anyone can really outrun the growth of the industry and all the amazing things being created on a daily basis.

One of my absolute favorite tools that I’ve found to be a source of never-ending knowledge has been awesome lists. An awesome list is a collection of links, tips, or other useful information surrounding a specific topic - topics like Node.js.

That said, because Node.js has evolved so quickly, there are volumes of topics that are extremely rich. Luckily, many of these topics have an awesome list associated that contain absolutely amazing resources.

This is a collection of some of the best awesome lists that are part of or are highly relevant to Node.js itself. Each one of them is an absolute gold mine of resources to start using to grow as a Node.js developer. Awesome Node.js - Core Learning

At the core of every Node.js application is… Node.js. These two lists will get you up and running with Node.js, npm, and the most awesome and essential resources for Node.js.

Awesome JavaScript - The Language

JavaScript is the interface, the language, we (typically) use when interacting with Node.js. Whether you’re building an app, creating a module, or contributing to an OSS project with Node.js, you’re going to be using JavaScript. These are some core resources for expanding your JavaScript skillset.

Awesome Deployment - Shipping Code Wins

When it comes down to it, applications built with Node.js are usually deployed somewhere. Deployment was the part I struggled with consistently when beginning to play with building Node.js applications. Luckily, there are several awesome lists that are outrageously extensive on various deployment methods.

Awesome Tools, Frameworks, and Protocols - What Applications are Made Of

When it comes down to it, Node.js has been massively successful because of the ecosystem that developers have been able to build around it - thanks to the way Node.js enables that ecosystem. Here are just a handful of the best awesome lists based on various members of the Node.js ecosystem.

Other Awesome Node.js Lists

There are, unsurprisingly, a few collections of fantastic resources that are relevant to Node.js, but aren’t necessarily directly related or central to building applications, modules, tools, and so on. This is, again, a small collection of awesome lists that are relevant to Node.

Just one more thing…

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